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What we do?

We sell glasses, watches, makeup and fashion accessories.
Why do we do it?

Born spiritually in late 2013 and launched in 2014 under the name LOVE MONEY Loja and later entitled ShoPop, the term that we think most represented what we are and what we have become - An Online Shopping Center. We are inspired by authentic people who do not follow the fad, but dictate what is the fashion. We believe that to revolutionize is to transform accessories into a new way of communicating and being represented, all with affordable prices, compatible with the Brazilian reality.

    There are several virtual stores, mainly in the fashion and accessories segment, however, most of them are all similar and have the same products, our proposal is to be different, not only for the quality of the product, but also for the exclusivity, to bring to the consumer what he would hardly know if not in our virtual store, to innovate, to anticipate trends in the customer. Make you, the consumer, unique, the owner of hand-selected products that few will have access to, but at a fair price.

     Love Money meant: the gift of loving together with the power of money, differences that are found in desire. Today we are still that within a Popular Online Shopping for you. Welcome to ShoPop! Good shopping!