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ShoPop is part of ABCOMM - Brazilian Association of Electronic Commerce, in the country, is the main entity linked to online commerce, responsible for representing Brazilian e-commerce as well as promoting economic equity for the sector with the political class.

For us, being part of the largest e-commerce association in Brazil is a great achievement as a result of all the efforts made daily to offer the best shopping experience for ShoPop consumers.
ShoPop is secure because it has the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate on every website, which is a protocol developed to increase the security of data transmitted over the internet.

SSL connections are particularly recommended for sending information such as credit card numbers, passwords and any other sensitive information via the internet;
Why do we use SSL?

    Gain a competitive advantage by proving to be a reliable and legitimate website;

    Provide assurance to consumers that their data will not be
    adulterated or forged;

    Ensuring that important consumer data travels
    securely under strong encryption;