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The product didn't fit, I didn't like the model, I didn't like the color, can I change it?

Yes you can, you have up to 30 days to exchange from the date of receipt, you must send it to us and communicate to us via email contato@lovemoney.com.br with your original purchase packaging being under your responsibility the cost of shipping and reshipping the goods as well as what happens during the journey to our store.

We are not responsible for exchanging products that have already been used or are out of the 30-day period.

- In the case of watches under no circumstances will the exchange or return be made if the customer has already removed parts of the "bracelet" to fit the wrist. Only products that have not been used and are not damaged will be exchanged.

- We do not exchange watches that have a low battery or no battery, because, in addition to this factor not representing a defect in the product, the battery is a component that from time to time must be replaced and it may end up in the period in which the product stays in stock until sale and there is no way to stipulate the durability time.

Withdrawal from Purchase

If you made the purchase through our website and received the product in perfect condition, and were not satisfied with the purchase, you can request it by e-mail: contato@lovemoney.com.br. But stay tuned for the rules below. Deadline for withdrawal from purchase:

As dictated by the CDC (Consumer Protection Code) rules, customers who make purchases through virtual stores, enjoy up to 7 (seven) days after receiving the product to register the withdrawal from the purchase.
According to article 49, the consumer can withdraw from the contract, within seven days from his signature or the act of receiving the product or service, whenever the contracting for the supply of products and services occurs outside the commercial establishment, especially by phone or at home.
Sole paragraph - If the consumer exercises the right of repentance provided for in this article, the amounts eventually paid, in any capacity, during the reflection period, will be returned, immediately, monetarily updated.

When the product is sent incorrectly, where the product model, size specified in the product description, color or even incomplete parts, the store is responsible for the payment of shipping and return shipping and there will be NO charge for a Return Fee, however, if the product was shipped correctly, the buyer must pay the return shipping fee in accordance with the store's policy and the Return Fee will be charged.

In case of incorrect sending by the store, the customer must contact us requesting a Remail Code (reverse logistics) for remailing to be done. We will not accept products posted "collect".


Return of Goods:

The merchandise must be forwarded with its original purchase packaging to the address: Rua Alameda das Paineiras, 37 Ribeirão das Neves / MG Cep: 33830-090, Recipient: LOVE MONEY. The cost of the reshipment is under the responsibility of the buyer as well as whatever happens during the journey. We recommend that the resubmission contains the option of the tracking code for tracking the route and it is informed via email to contato@lovemoney.com.br

- Inside the package, the customer must specify which model he wants the product to be exchanged for, as well as insert the order number or e-mail in which he made the purchase.
- The product can not show any evidence of use.

RETURN RATE: After making a purchase on e-commerce, the amount paid for the merchandise is taxed, whether by credit card operators, logistics services so that the consumer receives the product up to his residence and even through the platforms that host the virtual stores, that way when the customer makes a withdrawal of purchase after the payment has been approved and the product dispatched, that amount paid initially is distributed among those involved in this process and when requesting a refund the store can only refund the part that it would be "hers" on the sale, so we charge a 10% refund fee on the total purchase amount that is used to cover the transaction made on that purchase. Example: If the customer made a purchase of R $ 100.00 and when receiving the product he did not like or did not serve when requesting the return of the merchandise he will be refunded the 90% of the purchase value, in this example the customer would receive R $ 90, 00.

IMPORTANT: This fee will not be charged for motivated returns when the product is sent incorrectly, where the product model, size specified in the product description, color or other characteristic is at odds with the advertised. It is only charged when the product was sent correctly, but the customer did not like or did not observe the characteristics of the product at the time of purchase or for any other personal reason that does not classify an error on the part of the store.


The product that does not meet the conditions required above, will not be accepted as a return, and will automatically be sent back to the original address. Under these conditions, Love Money will reserve the right to make a new freight charge.

Restitution of values:

- Credit card: The refund can take place on up to 2 subsequent invoices.
- Boleto Bancário / Deposit: Credit in current account within 10 working days. As soon as the resigned product arrives at the store (follow through the tracking code) the customer must inform the bank details for refund via email to lovecomlojas@gmail.com

- Bank Deposit: Credit in current account within 10 working days. As soon as the resigned product arrives at the store (follow through the tracking code) the customer must inform the bank details for refund via email to lovecomlojas@gmail.com

• There will be no refund of the freight, only in the cases mentioned on this page.

ATTENTION: The refund of the amounts will be processed only after receiving and analyzing the conditions above (The product cannot bring any indication of use).

We at Love Money are very strict when sending orders. However, if any type of defect occurs, we ask that the store be communicated by e-mail lovecomlojas@gmail.com in which the customer must report the alleged defect to which the complaint refers, after undergoing a technical analysis and a manufacturing defect has been proven. there will be an immediate exchange or in case of a small failure, which does not justify the exchange, the correction will be made. The deadline for the solution of Defects or exchange is up to 30 days from the receipt of the product and the product warranty is 90 days as determined by the CDC (Consumer Protection Code.)

Favorable Report:
- The customer will receive the replacement for the same product at the original address, without additional costs.
- In the absence of the same model in stock, the customer will be notified and will be able to choose another model for exchange, among the options available on the website, respecting the credit limit.
- If there is a price difference between the chosen product and the claimed product, the difference must be paid.

Disapproved items:
- Absence of defect (no damage found by the customer).
- Evidence of inappropriate use of the product.
- Signs of accidental damage.
- Natural wear and tear due to use.
- Inadequate washing of the product.